BigTom Turkey Cup


The BigTom Turkey Cup eliminates the need for multiple turkey watering systems during the lifetime of a flock by providing enough water for birds of any age. Each drinker accommodates 40 turkeys up to 7 weeks of age, and up to 30 hens or 25 toms after 7 weeks. The single attachment point allows almost 360 degree access to water, making it the ideal turkey watering system.

Features & Benefits

  • Single drinking system for the lifetime of a flock
  • Accommodates birds of any age. Simply raise water lines and pressure as the birds grow
  • Each drinker accommodates up to 40 poults up to 7 weeks of age, and up to 30 birds after 7 weeks
  • Stainless steel reinforcement increases cup lifespan
  • Single attachment point for almost 360° access to water

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Our value drinkers, the Quenchers, are designed to the same tolerances as the Roasters, but are made with more cost effective materials, giving you the same great performance at a more economic price.


Made of the same material and high-quality stainless steel as the VR-150 series of drinkers. Breeder drinkers use only up-action to reduce wear caused by adult birds. It’s designed especially for the breeder market and has a high resistance to wear. Available in low flow and standard flow options.