Fortica Control


The Fortica Control is a universal poultry automation system that gives users total control over all house processes, including feeding, watering, lighting, animal weighing, and egg counting.

The fully intuitive touchscreen control is customizable to meet user preferences. It shows a 3D overview of the barn and works seamlessly with the latest generation of Variable Speed V-Fans to maximize energy savings. Fortica can also tie in to existing BinTRAC silo weighing systems.

Best of all, users can remotely control the Fortica with their phone, tablet, or PC through the SyslinQ App. This capability means you can always ensure the best environment for the birds, even if you can’t be at the farm.


Features & Benefits

  • Controls all house processes including feeding, watering, and ventilation
  • Capable of controlling variable speed fans and can tie in to BinTrac silo weighing systems
  • Remote access and control from your phone, table, or PC
  • Novus Farm Management system logs data into easy-to-read charts for trend comparisons

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